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"Never cease trying to be the best you can be."

Jon Wooden


Why Choose Us

There is a lot of noise in education, and I will cut right through it.  I will give you step-by-step actions to take to achieve extraordinary outcomes.  My process:  


  • Set a growth goal

  • Learn evidence-based strategies

  • Apply the strategies

  • Receive targeted and actionable feedback

  • Reflect on progress


Many “red herrings” distract us, soak up our time and energy, and provide lackluster results.   We need to implement what matters, and “de-implement” what doesn’t.  Let’s do better, and let’s start today!


“Focus is a matter of deciding what things you're not going to do.”


John Carmack

Meet the Founder, Ashley Eichorn

I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Connecticut in Elementary Education, my Reading Specialist certificate from Central Connecticut State University, and my sixth-year certificate in Educational Leadership from the University of Connecticut. I recently earned my Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher certification from the International Dyslexia Association. 


I have worked in education for 17 years in various roles from the classroom to district administration.  We have overcomplicated education, and I believe we can do better.  I know we can achieve great results AND work fewer hours in a day, leaving more time for our personal selves.  It is my mission to empower educators to declutter their workday, focus on what matters, and achieve exceptional results.

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A Story About Carpool

When I started teaching, I was fortunate to be surrounded by a large team of teachers who supported each other. Even better, I was lucky enough to live near a handful of them. Four other colleagues and I would meet in the mornings in the parking lot of a furniture store, hop in one car and make the half-hour drive to school. Most mornings were quiet, as you can imagine (thank goodness one girl always brought coffee!), but the afternoons were filled with discourse about strategies we had tried, new resources we were using or problem-solving for a student that was challenging us. “Carpool” was a safe space for taking risks, vulnerability, and learning.


I credit who I am today as an educator to this discourse within the four doors of a Nissan Altima. I tell this story as a reminder that learning is most effective when one feels safe and respected (and yes, that is backed by research!). The cornerstone of our work is focus, coupled with a commitment to creating conditions with our clients where they can learn and thrive…no matter the location.

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