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Lead for Results

How to focus on what matters and get better student outcomes...while working less.

(without overwhelm, new initiatives, or teacher resignation)

Educational leaders report working an average of 58 hours per week.  And yet, our student results stay consistently low year after year.

In other words, educational leaders are working too hard and not getting the student outcomes they strive for.  

But there's a better way!

Leaders can work smarter, not harder, and get time back for themselves.

This smarter work will allow you to focus on what matters.

Focusing on what matters will get you extraordinary student results.

And this remarkable process is not complicated or costly and won't cause teacher contention. 

In fact, it's a process that many leaders, just like you, have used to transform their low-performing buildings into high-achieving communities that people read about (literally). 

If you're tired of spinning your wheels with change that doesn't lead to improvement...

If you're exhausted every day and feel like you didn't make an impact... 

If you're overwhelmed with all of the "edu" jargon...

If you want to achieve what you set out to do when you started your leadership journey...

Following this proven process will solve these problems for you.

Focus on what matters and get extraordinary student results...without having to work 24/7 to meet your goals.

Here is the impact of leading for results:


Are your student results the same year in and year out?  Despite all the hours you spent, changes you made, and initiatives you promoted.


What if, instead, all you had to do was follow a step-by-step process to focus your work?  And maybe even stop doing some things that don't matter and drive people crazy?!


Do you work hard all day at work and then take more work home with you?  Are you answering emails at midnight?  When you are doing work, you are not doing something else.  This may be spending time with your family, going away for the weekend, reading a book (for pleasure!), or even sleeping.  Once you start using this process, you can keep your work at work and enjoy your time at home to do (the other) things you love. 


While student outcomes are always the priority for educational leaders, it's nice to have a little something in it for you, too.

The outcomes you will achieve will build your resume and open up an exponential amount of opportunities for you to continue your work and spread your impact to a broader audience.

Hide and Seek

What has stopped you from getting the student outcomes you are looking for?

1.  Fear that focusing on one thing leaves another out.

Prioritizing your efforts feels like you are leaving something out.  There is so much that needs to be done; how do you pick what is most important?  

2.  Not knowing what to do.

There are so many books, conferences, webinars, and do I know what the best initiatives are?  How do I know what really works?

3.  There is no time to get anything done.

There are so many demands in a building and district that my focus is constantly stretched.  I am overwhelmed as it is; how can I take on one new thing?

If you have experienced any of these barriers, it's not your fault...

Educational Leaders who have achieved remarkable results are NO DIFFERENT THAN YOU...except they had this proven process.

What if you had the same process at your fingertips to overcome these obstacles...

YOU are the leader that focuses your work on what matters.


YOU are the leader with incredible student results.  


YOU are the leader other schools are reaching out to to figure out what you are doing.  


YOU are the leader going home after the school day, unplugging, and enjoying life outside of work.  

YOU are the leader getting job offers to turn around other schools and districts. 

Plenty of leaders have already made it happen, and the only difference is that they had the formula; the formula to focus on what matters for extraordinary student results. 

How I got remarkable student results in my district... in just 5 months.


After 10 years of working in schools, following the fads, bringing work home, working 10 hours a day, and not having student results to show for it, I committed to finding a better way.


I did LOADS of research, reading about schools that succeed and the best way to effect change that leads to student outcomes and the trends quickly became evident.  Every school and district followed the SAME PROCESS. 


I tried out some ideas, made some refinements and finally put my process to work.  And our district increased students reading at grade level by 5% and students performing at grade level for math by 5%... in just 5 months!   This was the most growth they had seen in years!

The student outcomes were the best part!  But this process also:

  • Focused my work so I didn't feel so overwhelmed. 

  • Freed up my time to work during school hours and not at home. 

  • Made the teachers feel less overwhelmed with focus and clarity (and no flashy initiatives!)

And by the way...

You and I are not that different.  Our districts are not that different.  Our prep programs are not that different.  Our work ethics are not that different.  If I can follow this process and make it work, you can follow this process and make it thrive. 


I took the time to curate the best resources, evidence, and information to define and refine this process, and I did it so you don't have to.  I have packaged it into a step-by-step process so you can get the same results WITHOUT so much extra work.  My mission is to reach as many educators as possible and get as many students to the academic achievement they deserve.  

You could be just one course away from achieving the student results you have dreamed of...

This process will focus your work and get you the student results that you imagined you would have when you got your leadership credentials. 

And you will be working smarter, not harder, to leave your work at work and have plenty of time for your other passions. 

It's time to cut through the noise and lead for results:

  • Focus on what matters and create clarity ​

  • No more making changes but not getting student results

  • Foster a happy and healthy school community that celebrates student growth

  • Leave work for the day and actually leave work for the day to go home and spend time with your family, read a good book, enjoy a good meal, or ... sleep

Or will you continue the vicious cycle of whack-a-mole and keep making changes and crossing your fingers that this time, these changes will result in student results?

Isn't that the definition of insanity?

Working on Rooftop


Leading for Results

Leading for Results is the program that tells you exactly how to move from making changes to getting results. 

You'll get the comprehensive, step-by-step program that will tell you how to move forward and spark meaningful growth in your school or district. 


All of this without the jargon or initiatives. 


For your one-time investment, you will have lifetime access to the process that will change the lives of your staff and students, and YOU. 

Module 1
Goal Setting

Facebook Profile Picture.png

We've all set goals before, but in this module, I will explain what is ineffective about our current goal-setting processes and how to instead set meaningful goals that will drive student results. 

  • A step-by-step process to hone in on the best data to use as a baseline for your next steps.  This will get you to prioritize a goal with a high leverage point and focus on what matters.

  • A workbook of reflection questions on goal setting.  This cheat sheet will keep your "eyes on the prize" after you take the course and as you get started.

  • A checklist of communication strategies and avenues to be sure you are sharing your goals with the right people in the right places.  No one wants to feel left out!  This will guarantee you stand out as an inclusive and communicative leader.

  • A fresh take on our typical school and district improvement plans.  We have done them for years; they are overwhelming and take hours to draft and write, but they are not leading to growth.  It's time to break the cycle of insanity and create less daunting plans that support growth!  You will set the standard among your leadership colleagues with this ingenious approach.

Jon, MA

"This process finally makes this work feel managable!  My school had the highest growth in reading of all 9 schools in the district.  Now that I don't take so much work home with me, I also have achieved my personal goal in running and I am getting ready for my first marathon."  

Antonio, NY

"I think I always knew in the back of my head that we were doing too much but I was afraid to let somethings go.  This process helped me realize it's better to focus our goals and also outlined clear steps to follow throughout the year.  We are already seeing results with our students and are acutally excited for state testing!"

Kim, IA

"This process works!  And you don't have to wait a whole year to go through it.  We set a 90-day goal and saw more growth from our students this year than we have in the five years I have been a leader here.  Even better scores than before COVID!"
Working from Home

Join Today

And get these exclusive FREE bonuses worth $2,391


Private, Members-Only Community
($497 Value)

You are not alone!  While you may take the course by yourself, you will have a supportive community of thought partners to work through problems of practice and celebrate wins.  You will be among the best and brightest of your colleagues to capitalize on your collective knowledge and experiences.


4 Live Group Coaching Calls with Ashley
($797 Value)

Live, 60-minute, ask-me-anything calls with Ashley where we will work through perceived barriers to get you closer to your goals.  You will have the chance to submit your own questions so these calls will be customized to your needs. 


Bonus Module:  Curriculum Matters
($97 Value)

This process will only be effective if a guaranteed and viable curriculum is in place.  But never fear!  I have included a module about this topic to make sure this is something you can get into place quickly so you won't miss a beat on getting started on this ground-breaking process.


Discounts on 1 on 1 Coaching
($1000 Value)

This course will teach you about the process of getting results, but you will still have some questions about your leadership journey.  As a valued member of the "Lead for Results" community, you will get a 50% discount on up to 5 virtual, 1 on 1 coaching calls.

Join "Lead for Results" today and get...

Lifetime access to complete "Lead for Results" video trainings

($697 value)

Downloadable workbooks and implementation tools

($197 value)

Bonus 1:  Access to an exclusive members-only community for support 

($497 value)

Bonus 2:  Curriculum Module 

($97 value)

Bonus 3:  4 Live Group Coaching Calls

($797 value)

Bonus 4:  Discounts on 1 on 1 Coaching

($1000 value)

And that's not including the value of student learning outcomes, the positive impact on your school community, and getting back the most valuable resource of all: your time.   

Why "Lead for Results" is THE BEST leader professional development available.

Other Courses

There aren't many available for leaders!  You deserve to learn and grow too!

All of the Books

They often talk more about theory then practice and take SO MUCH TIME to read.  And let's face it, you probably have several on your shelf already that are collecting dust and haven't been read...


These can be fun...but the learning is limited.  You have to choose between sessions and cross your fingers you will see a good presenter.  And they can be SO costly after registration, travel, lodging, food, etc. etc. etc.


You learn a little, but rarely about practice.  But let's be honest, how many have you signed up for, didn't attend, got the recording, and forgot about.

Lead for Results

Finally PD for leaders!  And this PD will give you step by step instructions, workbooks, and bonus materials.  All in a concise package that you can complete in a timeframe that works for you.

Lead for Results

Gives you a system that you can customize to your own work that has been proven to lead to student outcomes you know they deserve. 

This will be the best PD you have ever had; I guarantee it. 

I am so confident that this course will set you up for success to lead for results.  You will be a more effective and efficient leader, but only if you put in the work.  If you do put in the work, complete the modules, engage with the workbooks and community but don't feel you are prepared to lead better and get results, then please reach out and I will refund your money (within 60 days of purchase).   

One day or day one; you decide. 

In just a few months, you could be looking at your data and seeing the impact of your focused work.  You will be getting praise from teachers and parents for the positive school community that has resulted from leading for results.  You will go home after the workday and shift your focus to all the other things that matter without guilt.

Or you could hang on to the daily stress of lack of time and insufficient growth.  Continue operating with the feeling that you are running around all day but not really getting anything done.  Lack of clarity, direction, next steps...all of that nonsense.

It's time to acknowledge that a better way to lead exists and is within your reach.  It's time to become the leader you know you can be.

"A year from now, you may wish you had started today."  Karen Lamb

Let's do this.

Making the decision to take the first step is the hardest part of this journey. 

And that part can be over with as soon as you decide (isn't that empowering!). 

Then, all it takes is one click...

Lifetime access to complete "Lead for Results" video trainings

($697 value)

Downloadable workbooks and implementation tools

($197 value)

You've got this.  

Imagine this.  You start your "Lead for Results" journey today.  You get started on the work in your building, and first, you can see the cloud of stress and overwhelm lifting.  Teachers are thanking you for creating focus and taking things off of their plate.  Students are visibly happier as a direct result of the staff being less stressed.  And then the results from your assessment are available.  It happened!  There was student growth, and it's time to celebrate. 

This can be your story.  This SHOULD be your story.  And I want to help you get there.  You've got this.  And I've got your back.  


Make today day one.  

“If knowledge is a power, then learning is a superpower.”

Jim Kwik

Mini Courses

Time is a finite resource, especially during the school year. We have created a library of mini-courses as an asynchronous learning opportunity that can be done on your own time and from the comfort of whatever space you choose.  These courses are specific and quick, so you can design your own learning journey for as much or as little time as you are able to dedicate.

Reading Together

Science of Reading Series:  Print Awareness

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and practical tools needed to foster a strong foundation in print awareness, setting the stage for future literacy success in young learners.

Brain Illustration

Science of Reading Series:  Orthographic Mapping

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of orthographic mapping and its impact on reading acheivement.

Assortment of Books

Science of Reading Series:  Vocabulary

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the connection between vocabulary development and reading achievement. 


Science of Reading Series:  Phonemic Awareness

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of phonemic awareness, its vital role in the development of reading and language skills, and strategies to implement instruction in the classroom. 

Reading a Book

Science of Reading Series:  Fluency

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how to support, assess, and foster reading fluency.

Science Class

Science of Reading Series:  Knowledge Building

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the reciprocal relationship between background knowledge and reading comprehension. 

Playing with Letters

Science of Reading Series:  Phonics

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of phonics, its significance in early literacy development, and strategies to implement instruction in the classroom.


Science of Reading Series:  Reading Comprehension

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how to teach reading comprehension most effectively. 


Science of Reading Series:  The Shifts

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with an explicit understanding of the shifts from balanced literacy to structured literacy and why they are impactful on reading achievement.

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